VBA programming for beginners and advanced users will help you to learn vba programming language and concepts. Our objective of this topic is to provide complete programming reference to write VBA Programs.




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VBA Programming Learning Objective

vba programming

By learning VBA Programming, you will be able to write VBA programs to automate any task in Micro soft office Tools (MS Excel, MS Access, MS Word, MS PowerPoint)
1. VBA Introduction
2. VBA Applications
3. Visual Basic Programming Concepts
o Keywords
o Constants
o Variables
o Data Types
o Operators
4. Advanced VBA Programming Concepts
o Conditional Statements
o Sub Procedures
o Functions
o User Defined Functions (UDFs)
5. VBA Programming Environment (VBE)
o VBA Windows
o Modules
6. Forms and Controls
7. Miscellaneous

1. VBA Introduction: In this session we will see what is VBA and its history and Evaluation of the VBA in Software Industry.
o What is VBA?

2. VBA Applications: In this topic we are going to see the different kinds of VBA applications and its use in real world. We will see, how we are going to use VBA Programming in different applications in MS Office, such as MS Excel, MS Access, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Outlook and other applications.

o VBA Programming in Excel: Introduction
o VBA Programming in Access: Introduction
o VBA Programming in Word: Introduction
o VBA Programming in PowerPoint: Introduction
o VBA Programming in Outlook: Introduction

We can also use VBA in other applications like AutoCAD, SAP, SAS, SPSS, etc. We can also develop VBA Applications using VB.Net, C#.Net, C++, VC++ and Java.
3. Visual Basic Programming Concepts: This topic will provide you basic VBA programming concepts.
o Keywords
o Constants
o Variables
o Data Types
o Operators
o Conditional Statements
Variables: Variables in VBA Programming helps you to store any value in a temporary memory for further calculations. We can declare different kinds of variables by specifying its data type and use it in our programs.
o Dim Statement in VBA
o Scope of the Variables
o Local Variables
o Module Level Variables
o Global Variables
Data Types: Data types in VBA Programming helps to declare a variable to store the specific type of data. For example String is to store text, Integer is to store numeric data and Date is to store date and time values.
o Integer Data Type
o Long Data Type
o String Data Type
o Date Data Type
o Arrays
o Arrays and Loops
o Multidimensional Arrays
o Arrays and the Split function
Operators: Operators in VBA programming helps to deal with expressions to perform different kinds of calculations.
Arithmetic Operators: Arithmetic Operators in VBA programming helps to deal with expressions to compare the data in expression and calculations.

Logical Operators: Logical Operators in VBA programming helps to deal with expressions to form expressions with more than one condition or expression.
o And Statement
o Or Statement
4. Advanced VBA Programming Concepts: This topic will provide you the advanced topics for VBA programming.

Conditional Statements: Conditional statements in VBA Programming are to check the conditions in Expressions.
o If Statement -Syntax Examples Macros
o If Else -Syntax examples Macros
o If Else If – Syntax examples Macros
o For Loop – Syntax examples Macros
o Do Loop – Syntax examples Macros
o While Loop – Syntax examples Macros
o Case Statement – Syntax examples Macros
o Select Case – Syntax examples Macros
o Switch Case – Syntax examples Macros

Sub Procedures: Sub procedure are the main VBA Programming coding blocks to write the VBA Programs.
o Calling Sub procedures in VBA
o VBA Sub procedures with Parameters
Functions: Functions in VBA Programming will take some input values and return output values, we can use different kinds of built-in functions in VBA to fasten our programming.
o VBA Sting Functions:
o VBA Numeric Functions:
o VBA Date Functions:
o Etc…
o VBA UDFs -User Defined Functions
VBA Programming Environment (VBE): We will see the VBA Environment in detailed, and different kinds of Windows and its uses in VBA Programming.
o VBA Windows
o VBS Objects – Object Explorer
o Project Explorer
o Immediate Window
o Watch Window
o Properties Window
o Code Editor
o Debugging VBA Code

o Modules
o Module
o Class Module
o Forms
Forms and Controls: ActiveX Controls in User Forms will help use to different kinds of placeholders to build a Form or windows applications.
o Command Button
o ComboBox
o CheckBox
o ListBox
o Label
o TextBox
o Option Button (Radio Button)
o SpinButton
o Scroll Bar
o Toggle Button
o Image
Miscellaneous: Here are the few more useful VBA programs which can help you in your automation.
o Concatenate
o Comments
o Block Comments
o Date Format
o Hello World VBA Program
o VBA Timer


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