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A passionate VBA Developer, having more than 10 years of experience in Data Mining and Application Development. I learnt several key skills which make me satisfied in my life and continuing in learning new skills everyday. And this blog is my passion to learn new things and share my knowledge to make you an expert in the subjects (Excel, VBA, SQL) which required to analyse the data and fastening your processes by automating the tasks.

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My main goal of this website is make you expertise in MS Excel, VBA, SQL, SAS and other analytical tools and concepts. I share my experience and tips to reach your expectations and help you achieve in your goals and make you to create Rich Visualized Dashboards. As I mentioned its my passion and I will answer your question in a day or couple of days. And I explain the topics with relevant examples, so that it would be easy to understand the topics, instead of writing long stories.
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Our easy to follow free tutorials (Excel + VBA, SQL, SAS, Statistical Modeling and Market Research Methodologies) will make you experts in the subjects which are required for Business Data Analysis. We explain the topics in a smarter way with real-time examples from different domains.


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Crazy BA Skills

Microsoft Excel is one of the most common and Basic BI tool for analyzing the data. Excel has many built-in tools to build dashboard, statistical models to understand the data. Pivots Tables helps us to drill down the data and verity of charts helps to present the data in rich visualized graphs to understand the data.
VBA helps to automate repetitive tasks. VBA helps you to fasten your process and improve accuracy while analyzing your data (Data Analysis involves: Data Cleaning, Data Preparation, Reports Generation and Dartboards preparation.

VBA is available all Microsoft Office tools (MS Excel, MS Access, MS PowerPoint, MS Word and Outlook), we can automate these tasks and interact from one tool to another tool.

We can also deal with other Applications like SAS, SPSS, SAP, Data Bases using VBA to automate ETL processes.

SAS is leading Tool for analyzing the data. It can handle large amount of data to build complex statistical models.
SPSS is another Statistical Package to handle verity of data, having focused modules to deal with Market Research / Survey data.
A Crazy BI Tools to visualize and analyse the data.
SQL is one more imortant skill required for BAs. SQL helps us to deal with verity of Data Bases to deal with large amount of the data.
BA required Statistical concepts to better understand the data and conclude the data to draw the meaningful statements or insights.