ANALYSISTABS is a FREE Excel Add-in for Data Analysis and Dashboard Creation, Power-Packed with Innovative Utilities. Our objective of developing ANALYSISTABS Add-in is to help you to quickly create rich visualized Dashboards, Reports, Charts and Tools to fasten your tasks. And we provide practical examples and real time dashboards to make you Awesome in Analytics and its relevant tools (such as MS Excel, SQL, SAS…).

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ANALYSISTABS is absolutely a FREE Excel® Add-in with no executable files. You can download and install easily on any computer, at office or home.

Download Addin & Demo File

Download ANALYSISTABS Add-in for Excel 2007/2010/2013.

Download Example Dashboard created using ANALYSISTABS

Example Dashboard is prepared using Excel 2010, Install our add-in and then open this example dashboard to check the add-in functionality.

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Workbook Optimizer

Now you can test your Excel Workbooks and create optimized workbook. Now your Excel File size will be minimal with Workbook Optimizer and Suggestions. Many of our friends have been requesting me something like this from last two years. And I thought, it will be useful to every one to build optimized Workbooks.

Excel Workbook Optimizer

Dashboard Builder

Create interactive dashboards in just few minutes with no knowledge of VBA. Dashboard builder is provided for creating rich visualized dashboards.

It will help you to create summarized Pivot table with linked chart. You can select desired table and set as a data source. There are three options provided to set a data filter, set row labels, to set data values with chart option.

You can choose from the different chart options and chart axes. And you can also set the units to display in the chart and summary table.

analysistabs Dashboard creator

Slider Creator

Can you believe this! Now you can create beautiful sliders in Excel Worksheets. Sliders help you to present your data from different worksheets of the workbook in one place without duplicating or copying the data. Our Slider creator is very powerful and easy to create sliders with One Single Click. We have provided option to show Excerpts. And comes with a slideshow option and navigation option. Give a try, you will definitely like this idea.

analysistabs Slider creator

Widget Creator

Make your Worksheet look like a webpage. Our Widget Creating Utility helps you to create beautiful Widgets in any where in your Worksheets.

It is very useful for showing insights or message to the user while presenting the dashboards in executive meetings. It is very useful to show more information in less screen-space.

User can expand or collapse one or all Widgets in the worksheet. You can customize the look and feel of Widget by using built-in formatting tools in Excel. Give a try, you will like this idea too.

analysistabs Widget creator

TOC Creator

TOC (Table of Contents) helps users to navigate form Index worksheet to any other worksheet in workbook. Now you can create a Table of Contents with our TOC Creator with a button click.

We have provided many options to customize the look and feel of TOC. And you can provide back to Index page from each worksheet. And you can also choose the range for back link.

analysistabs TOC creator

Export to PowerPoint

Presenting the data is crucial after performing the data analysis. Export to PPT utility will help you to qickly export all charts in a worksheet or workbook to PowerPoint Presentation. We will add many more options to customize the export options.

analysistabs Export PPT

List Files and Folders

You can check your folders quickly for a particular type of file using List Files and Folders utility. It will populate complete information about the files and folder. It will be easy to analyse your files and folders using this tool.

analysistabs List Files and Folders

Many More Tools and Knowledge Base

There are many other useful tools to deal with your workbooks and worksheet. And Knowledge Base is created to help you to learn Data Analysis Concepts and its relevant tools to deal with your data. There are many tutorials in our blog and you can directly access our blog and tutorials from ANALYSISTABS add-in.

And many more utilities and functions

I will keep on working on this tool to add more and more utilities to best suit daily excel user needs. You can directly update our tool with single button click.