Installation of Excel Add-in is very easy. You need to place the Add-in in a Folder and then you need to load the add-in onto Excel first time.

Follow the below Steps to download and Install Excel Add-in:

Step 1: Download Add-in

Download Add-in from Our Website: ANALYSISTABS.COM. If you have already downloaded our Add-in, please ignore this Step. Other-wise download the Add-in from our website.


Step 2: Move the Add-in into Add-ins Folder (recommended) or Desired location

You can move the files from the downloads folder to required folder where you want to store the Add-in.

Below is the recommended location to store the Add-ins:
Windows 7: C:Users<user name>AppDataRoamingMicrosoftAddIns
Windows XP: C:Documents and Settings<user name>Application DataMicrosoftAddIns

This path may be changed based on your installation preferences.

Step 3: Load the Add-in into Excel

» Open the Add-In Manager in Excel (Developer Tab) or Press Alt+t then i:


» Now you can see Add-Ins Manager:


» Click on the Browse… Button. And Browse the folder where you placed and Open Add-in:

loading add-in

» Now you should see the Analysistabs in Add-ins list:


» And a new Tab (ANALYSIS TABS) Added to your Excel Ribbon (Menu):

Download-Add-in done