Total Revisions:5
5.0.0 (26th January 2015)
  • Added:Workbook Optimizer to test and created optimized workbooks
  • Added:InSheet Navigator to quickly navigate in your worksheet from on end end to other end
  • Added:Speaking Sliders: Now you can create speaking Sliders in Excel Workbooks
  • Added:Edit Slider Settings: Now you can easily edit the slider settings
  • Enhanced: We have optimized all code modules
  • Enhanced: Changed the User Interface of the Tools
4.0.0 (16th January 2014)
  • Added:Activate Worksheet: To quickly navigate the worksheets in the workbook
  • Added:Hide Sheets: To hide the active worksheet
  • Added:Unhide sheets: To Unhide the hidden worksheet
  • Added:Hide All Sheets: To quickly hide all worksheets in the workbook (except active worksheet)
  • Added:Unhide All Sheets: To quickly unhide all worksheets in the workbook
  • Enhanced:New features added in Slider and Widget creators

3.0.0 (1st January 2014)
  • Added: Dashboard builder – Now you can build rich visualized dashboards with single button click.
  • Added: List Files and Folder – Utility to list files and folders/sub folders in a directory.
  • Enhanced: Slider Navigation Changed to Ribbon Menu Dashboard group
  • Enhanced: Widget Expand and Collapse to Ribbon Menu Dashboard group
  • Enhanced: Now you do not required to save your file as Macro enabled file, you don’t need to place any macros in your workbook.
  • Enhanced: Now you can use ANALYSISTABS on both 32 bit and 64 bit Window OS.
  • Updated: All tutorial links are updated correctly.

2.0.0 (1st August 2013)
  • Added: Widgets- Now users can create widgets in Worksheets. Users can Expand(+) and Collapse(-) the Widgets.
  • Added: Slider- Users can create Sliders in worksheet. It helps to present the charts or data from different worksheets of a workbook in on single worksheet
  • Added: Check Updates- Users can directly check for the updated version of Add-in and can update the Add-in with One Single Click fro Excel
  • Enhanced: TOC: Provided many options to customize the TOC. Now users can create the back to index link in every worksheet with One Single Click
  • Enhanced: Tutorials: Added more links to access our tutorials from Excel

1.0.0:Initial Version (1st May 2013)
  • TOC: Helps to create Table of Contents in Excel Worksheet
  • Export to PowerPoint: Helps to export all charts form Excel to PowerPoint Presentation
  • Tutorial Links: Users can directly access our tutorials from Excel