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What is the use of CONCATENATE function?

CONCATENATE Function in Excel is used to combine text from two or more cells into one cell.

What is the syntax of CONCATENATE function?

CONCATENATE Function in Excel-Syntax
Concatenate(text1, text2

[,text3] [,…] [,text255])

Where text1, text2, can be strings, numbers, cell references, Blank spaces and special characters. We can join multiple cell references to into one string.

Note:1. Up to 255 text entries (arguments) can be added to the “CONCATENATE” function. Each entry must be separated by a comma.
2. If you concatenate a cell that contains numeric value, the result is converted to text.
3. We can do concatenate different strings with using “Ampersand” symbol (&) also

CONCATENATE Function in Excel – Examples

=”Analysis”&”tabs” – Analysistabs
=”Analysis”&” “ &”tabs” – Analysis tabs
A1-John, B1 – Rock
=A1& B1 – JohnRock
=A1&” “& B1 – John Rock
=A1&”, “& B1 – John,Rock

CONCATENATE Function in Excel- Example 1


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