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The VBA Date statement allows developers to programmatically set the system date, aiding in simulations, testing, and ensuring date consistency. In this blog post, we’ll delve deep into the Date statement, exploring its purpose, syntax, and more.

VBA Date Statement – Syntax

Purpose of the Date Statement

The primary role of the VBA Date statement is to set the system date of the computer running the VBA code. This can be particularly useful in scenarios where you need to simulate specific date-based conditions, adjust the system clock for testing purposes, or correct a system’s date.


The syntax for the Date statement is simple and straightforward:

Date = dateValue


  • dateValue: This is the desired date you want to set as the system’s current date. It can be a date literal, a variable containing a date, or a result from a date function.

3. Remarks and Notes

  • Permissions: Changing the system date usually requires elevated permissions. Ensure that the VBA code has the necessary permissions to modify the system date, or it might result in an error.
  • Impact: Modifying the system date can have various side effects, especially on scheduled tasks, logging, software licenses, or any date-dependent operations. Always be cautious and aware of the potential implications.
  • Formats: While VBA is generally good at interpreting date formats, it’s always a good practice to use a consistent and clear format when assigning date values.

The VBA Date statement, though simple, offers a powerful way to control and manipulate the system date. Whether you’re testing, synchronizing, or just exploring, understanding how to use this statement effectively can be a valuable addition to your VBA toolkit. As always, with great power comes great responsibility; use the Date statement judiciously, keeping in mind its potential impact on the system and other applications.

Walking Through the Examples of the VBA Date Statement

Example 1: Setting Date to New Year’s Day

Programmatically setting the system date to the first day of the year for annual system checks or simulations.

Date = #January 1, 2023#

The system date is directly set to January 1, 2023. This can be useful for simulating processes or checks that occur specifically on New Year’s Day.

Example 2: Rolling Back to a Previous Date

For testing purposes, sometimes it’s necessary to roll the system date back to a specific date.

Dim PreviousDate As Date
PreviousDate = DateAdd("d", -30, Date)
Date = PreviousDate

The current system date is rolled back by 30 days using the ‘DateAdd’ function, and then the system date is set to this rolled-back date.

Example 3: Setting Date Based on User Input

Allowing a user to manually input a date, which the system will then adopt.

Dim UserDate As Date
UserDate = InputBox("Enter a date in MM/DD/YYYY format:")
Date = CDate(UserDate)

A user is prompted to input a date through an ‘InputBox’. The provided date is then converted to a Date data type using ‘CDate’ and set as the system date.

Example 4: Synchronizing with Another System’s Date

In scenarios where two systems need to have synchronized dates, you can set one system’s date based on the other’s.

' Assuming GetRemoteSystemDate is a function that fetches the date from another system
Dim RemoteDate As Date
RemoteDate = GetRemoteSystemDate()
Date = RemoteDate

The date from a remote system is fetched (hypothetically through a function named ‘GetRemoteSystemDate’). The local system’s date is then set to match the remote date.

Example 5: Resetting Date After Testing

After conducting date-specific tests, it’s often necessary to reset the system date back to the current date.

Dim CurrentDate As Date
' Store the current date before testing
CurrentDate = Date

' ... Date-specific tests occur ...

' Reset to the original date after testing
Date = CurrentDate

Before conducting tests that change the system date, the current date is stored in ‘CurrentDate’. After testing, the system date is reset to its original value.

These examples showcase the versatility and power of the VBA Date statement. By understanding its application in various scenarios, developers can manipulate the system date effectively, ensuring accurate simulations, tests, and synchronizations.


The VBA Date statement, while seemingly straightforward, is a potent tool in a developer’s arsenal, offering the ability to manipulate and control the system date with precision. Through the examples we’ve explored, its versatility shines, catering to a range of scenarios from testing to synchronization. As with all powerful tools, it’s essential to wield it responsibly, considering the broader implications on system processes and other applications. Whether you’re simulating year-end processes, rolling back dates for testing, or synchronizing systems, the Date statement ensures you have the control you need.

As always, remember to tread with caution, ensuring that any changes made align with the desired outcomes. Happy coding, and may your date manipulations always be on point!

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