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Project Plan Template Excel 2010 helps you to plan your tasks using Microsoft Excel 2010. We have prepared this template using 2010 version of Microsoft Excel, and it works in Excel 2007 and Above versions for both windows and mac.

We added many features in the Excel Macro File Format (.xlsm) of Excel 2010 Template. You can download this free E project planning template and add tasks and see the respective Gantt chart

Project Plan Template Excel 2010 Free Download

Here is the Project Planning Template in Excel 2010 Format. Download and Open the Template using Microsoft Excel 2010, which part of MS Office 2010 suit. And create Project Plans using the spreadsheets available in this MS Office template.

Download – Free Excel Project Plan Template 2010

Template Sheets in Excel 2010 Project Plan .xlsm Workbook

This easy to use Excel 2010 Template for Project Planning is created with three different sheets. Here are the main template sheets in this workbook.

  • Project Plan Worksheet: Project Plan Worksheet is the main template with Gantt chart and Tasks Entry Table. This is a simple and single worksheet where you can enter data and visually see the plans in Gantt Chart.
  • Details Worksheet: Details Worksheet is the landing page with detailed information about Excel 2010 Project Planning Template. We have specified, how to use this template? And the password to un-protect plan template.
  • Task Entry Worksheet: You can enter your tasks and activities in the task sheet.
  • Advanced Project Plan Template Worksheet:  We are showing some of the advanced and premium templates for project management. You can opt for this if you need more features.

Main Sections of the Project Plan Template Excel 2010:

We have overall three different sections in this template. Those are Project Plan Summary, Activity Table, Project Tasks Entry Table and Gantt Chart Planner. Here is the more explanation about each part of the template.

Activity table in the Project Plan worksheet is only for the  representation purpose. You can add your activities in the Task Data sheet. You can create separate lists for quickly adding the activities.

Controls in the Excel 2010 Project Plan:

Free Project Plan Template for Excel 2010 version comes verity of features. We have added two main control for showing and hiding the Activity Table Range and Gantt Chart Range. Here is list of all Controls in the Template.

  • Project Info: Here you can add project information, such as name of the project, stakeholder and managers.
  • Overall Timelines: Her you can see the overall project timelines. For example, Start date and End date of the Project.
  • Overall Progress Ribbon: You can see the overall % completion rate of all tasks in the project.
  • Timeline scroll bar: You can see 15 days in the Gantt chart, you can use the timeline scrollbar to go to a next or previous days in the Gantt chart.

Columns in the Task Entry Table:

Task Serial Number is the unique identifier for your reference. You can add integer like 1,2,3, etc. for tasks. And use decimals like 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, etc. as in version numbering for sub tasks.

  • Activity Name, this is the mandatory field. And you can have task title in this column. You can maintain the list of tasks in different sheet and use the drop-down list in this column to fill the tasks.
  •  Start and end dates are the dates of the project start and due dates. You can enter ‘ctrl+;’ short cut to enter todays date and format as required.
  • Days Required field is the number of days required to execute and deliver a task. You add an integer in this filed.
  • Status of the task can be any number between 0 to 100, this is a percentage figure to indicate the %task completed in days.
  • Days completed field is an automatic data field and it has the formula to calculate the number of days using days required and %task completed fields.


Gantt Chart Planner in Excel 2010 Template:

This will populate automatically as soon as you enter the data in task entry table.

  • Green Color stack, indicates the task completion. It will visually represent the % status in the Gantt Chart.
  • Red color stack, indicates the task pending. This will visually represent the 100% – % status in the Gantt Chart.
  • Top stack: You can see the time frame bar in the top of the bar chart, this is top axis of Gantt chart. This will change automatically when click on the Timeline Scrollbar.
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Last Updated: March 2, 2023

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