Resource Planning Template Excel helps to plan resource capacity planning, utilization and allocation. You can Track and to monitor the bandwidth of the team and manage your resource more effectively. A Project Resource Template can be very helpful to simplify and schedule your Project Resource. Resource allocation template in Microsoft Excel is created for resource tracking. You can download and use this free resource planning spreadsheet template for capacity planning.

Resource Planning Template Excel

You can download the Excel Resource Planning Template and Enter the Data in the Data Sheet.Resource Allocation Template Excel Microsoft Spreadsheet is easy to use and manage your team resource. You can resource utilization template excel is one of the useful resource planning tools excel for resource planning in Excel. You can go to Reports Tab to see the Resource Bandwidth by each month.

  • Download the Project Resource Planning Template in Excel Format
  • Click on the Resource Report button in the Details sheet
  • Click on the ‘Data Entry’ button in the Report Sheet to Enter New Records
  • You can change the default format of the template using the built-in tool in Excel
  • This Template will work on Excel 2007, 2010,2013,2016.
  • This templates also compatible with Mac with Office 2011 or 2016.

Fields in Project Resource Planning Template Data sheet

We have captured minimum required fields in the Resource Data Sheet. You can add more dimensions if required.

Resource Planning Template Excel - Data Sheet

  • ID: Resource Activity Serial Number
  • Resource Name: Name of the Resource
  • Project Name: Name of the Project allocated
  • Activity: Activity Description assigned to the Resource
  • Start Date: Date to start working on the task
  • End Date: Due Date to complete the task
  • Hours/Day: Hours required per day to complete the activity.

Project Resource Planning Template Report

Report in Resource Planner Excel and Heat Map in Project Resource Planning Template helps to understand the bandwidth used and available for each resource of your team. You can select month and year from the drop-down list and select the required items. This will automatically populate the sum of hours by person per each day of the month.

Project Resource Excel Template Report

  • Resource Name in the Left side is the list of name of your team
  • Month and Year Data Bars: This bar chart represents the overall bandwidth utilization of your team members for the entire month
  • White Color represents No Hours allocated on the date, i.e; Resource is completely Free
  • Light Orange Pink Color represents fewer hours utilized
  • Dark Pink Color represents More hours utilized

Download Free Project Resource Planning Excel Template

Here is the Excel Template for Planning the Project Resource. You can download and make any changes if required to suit you needs.

Resource Planning Template Excel – Free Download

How to Create a Resource Plan in Excel

Follow the below steps to create a resource plan in Excel.

  • Download the Free Resource Plan Excel Template
  • Go to Data Sheet to enter the data
  • Select data for Resource Name, Activity Fields
  • Enter data for in Start Date, End Date Fields
  • Also Enter Man Hours in Hours/Day Fields
  • Now check the Report Tab to Plan your Resource

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