Project report is the most important document to note all the aspect of the project. The best Project Report contains background and main objectives of the project, methodology, key metrics, resource involved and issues. Project Report created with a table of contents and chapters. Each chapter will have detailed information about a topic.

Creating a Project Report:

We can use MS Word or PowerPoint to create Project Report Template. We can add the details in the template and save it as PDF file. Report can share in the pdf file format with other. Here are the main elements and Project Report Contents we should have in a Project Report.

  • Cover Page: It is the first page of the Project Report. It should be very effective and represent the objective of the Report and information in the file. We can use images and key metrics on the front page. We should also add Author and date of created.
  • Message from Director: You can have key message from the director or head of the department in the second page of the report.
  • About Author: Page 3 can have the details about the author and declarations.
  • Abstract: Page 4th can have the Abstract.
  • TOC: The next page should have the Table of Contents to navigate the report from TOC.
  • Notations: You can specify the detailed information of the signals, short cuts or icons used in the report and its meaning.
  • Chapters: Now you can have individual chapter as specified in the TOC. Each chapter must focus on a specific area and maintain the clear flow and linking with chapters.
  • Appendices and References: And the last two pages should have the clear list of Appendices and References used in the Report.

What are different Reports in Project Management

Here are the important reports we manage while dealing and executing the projects.

  • Annual Project Report
  • Quarterly Project Report
  • Monthly Project Report
  • Weekly Project Report
  • Project Plan Report
  • Project Status Report
  • Project Update Report

Project Report for New Business

It is a crucial document for Startups and New Business Organizations. We will cover the below topics in this chapter: Format of Project Report Writing, Project Report in Entrepreneurship, Engineering Project Report, Project Report Sample, Project Report Pdf, Project Report Meaning.


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