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Monthly Expenses Templates helps you to check your expenses against your income. You can plan you budget and limit your expenses by analyzing your income and expense details. You can use this template to track all your incomes and expenses month wise and summarize it to see the overall spent vs income in a year.

Excel Template for Monthly Expenses

This tracker is also useful to capture Project Budget and Project Expenses. You can create different categories and enter the amount spent on each item.

We have provided example income and expense categories for personal expense tracking. Expenses are divided into Fixed and Variable as some of the expenses are common in every month. For example: rent, mobile bills etc.

How to use Monthly Expense Template

Download our template and track the income and expenses, you can enter both Budget and Actual of your income and spending.

  • Enter all your Income details for the given month (both budget and Actual)
  • Budget: Income at beginning of the month, Actual: whenever you are receiving the amount
  • Enter all your Expense details for the given month (both budget and Actual)
  • Budget: Plan at beginning of the month or before, Actual: whenever you are spending for it
  • You can keep an eye on the Summary to check your balance
  • Do not disturb the formulas
  • You can duplicate this worksheet for another month

Elements in the Income Table

You can enter your monthly Expected and Actual Budget and see the variation by using the Difference Column. You can also find the percentage if each item when compares to your total income.

Finally, you can analyze your expected and actual income based on the Income Table.

Elements in the Expense Table

Expense table helps you to track all your expenses. You can create a separate table for each category and add items related to respective category. For example, You can create a separate table for each Healthcare and you can track all the expenses related to Health related expenses like hospital bills, medical bills, etc.

You can fix the budget for each category and item, and see the difference to check if you are spending as per your budget or beyond your budget.

  • Fixed Expenses: Some of the bills like House Rent, Electricity bills are common in every month. This type of expenses is fixed, and the amount may not vary when compares to month to month.
  • Variable Expenses: These expenses are vary based on the time, occasion and need. For example, shopping, vacation, birthdays. We cannot expect the amount which we are going to spend on these occasions, the amount will vary based on available balance, importance, needs and mood.

Download Free Excel Template for Monthly Expenses

Here is the free Excel Template for Monthly Expenses Management. You can download our free template and open with Excel to Plan the your Income and Expenses for each month.

Monthly Expenses Excel Template

Download – Excel Template for Monthly Expenses

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