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Excel Concepts

Learn Excel to create rich visualized reports and dashboards for data analysis.

Data Validation in Excel – Adding Drop-Down Lists in Excel


Data Validation is a feature available in Excel to define restrictions and what data can enter in a cell. For example,

  1. We can restrict data entry to a certain range of values
  2. User can select a choice form predefined list
  3. We can display a message to provide the instruction to the user
  4. We can display a message when user enter an incorrect value
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Introduction to Excel Interface and Objects


We have seen what is Excel and what we can achieve using Excel in the previous section. I n this section we will what are the different objects in Excel to do our jobs and piectorial representation of Excel Interface. In This Section:

  • Introduction to Excel Interface
  • What are the Objects in Excel?
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Introduction to Microsoft Excel and Creating First Excel File


Microsoft Excel is one of the tools in the Microsoft Office Package; it is used to create spreadsheets. It has many in-built functions and tools to work with data and create different type of reports and dashboards. It also provided the feature to the users to work behind the existing tools and can enhance its capabilities. To implement functionality beyond a regular spreadsheet, Microsoft Visual Basic programming environment is provided with Microsoft Office Excel. This programming language is called as Visual Basic for Application (VBA). In This Section:

  • What is Excel?
  • Why is it used?
  • Creating your first excel workbook.
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Getting Started with Microsoft Excel


In this section I will introduce the basic features of Microsoft Excel, one of the tools in the MS Office Package. It is a spreadsheet application used to enter the data (text, numbers, etc...) to perform calculations, analysis and store it in a file. There are many built-in functions and formulas allow you to perform calculations and you can create attractive, readable presentations and rich visualized dashboards including tables, charts,etc...

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